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What is ChatGPT?

Introduction:- In this article we will provide what is chatgpt and how can work chatgpt and how much people use chatgpt many things or many work industry .

What is ChatGPT

Everybody know that ChatGPT OpenAi  is a power full tool made by artificial intellegence in 2022. And ChatGPT is a OpenAi  bot and he is respond on user interface command promt.

ChatGPT is large language platform created by OpenAi based on depend GPT (Generative pretrained- transformer) And it designed to understand many language inputs and outputs.

ChatGPT work a very fastly on other platforms and he work on humanity system . GPT work on a properly human mind things and give a best output.

OpenAI the trained ChatGPT under full text of data.

ChatGPT4 :-  

1  ChatGPT- 4 a premiuim  latest version of chatgpt 
2  Its work on 20$ in per month subscripition .
3  Its work on human logicially based on mind And work fast then ChatGPT older version.
4  ChatGPT4 type word limit of 3 hours only search 25 command and then wait renew after 3 hours.
5  ChatGPT4 work a smarter then other ChatGPT versions And Its work very clearly with max words.

GPT:- ( Generative Pretrained - transformer)

Generative:-    It Generates text .

Pretrained :-    Ai Model set of large amount text data and patterns and circulation predictions.

Transformer :- Transformer means a track of data and suquence of relationship stored data .

How can use ChatGPT

1  Create OpenAi Account :-  

So firstly you have go to chat.OpenAi site To create an account on Chat GPT, first of all you will need a Google account and a Microsoft account, in this you need a correct mobile number, if you do not have the correct mobile number, then Chat GPT will not login and if so, you must first go to Chat GPT's profile and sign. Click on Up and then fill Gmail or Microsoft account inside it and then fill mobile OTP then your chatGPT account will be created.

2 ChatGPT functionality Uses :-

When you login to Chat GPT, then you will see some functions, which function does what, let's see now.
New chat button :-  This chat button is below on the left side of the chat GPT and in this we can chat by clicking on the new chat button and then we repeat that thing until we click on the new button and we talk about our chat Meanwhile, you can also pause the chat by pressing the button.

Account :- It is on the top of the corner on which your email name or your name name and by clicking on it you can see the status of your account and below it there are many help open options which have many questions and answers.

➥Chat history :- From chat history, we can see all the chat history that we have done and we can also turn it off.

Upgrade to plus :- Chat GPT's 1 month premium is $20 to acces ChatGPT-4 model which works very fast and works very well.

➥Your promt :-Hints for the answers to the questions asked by us appear here, indicating what we have asked .

➥ChatGPT Version Chat GPT's database written up to 2021 may contain inconsistencies or errors, the information provided by it is not considered to be completely correct, it is still a work in progress.

➥Regenerate response :- Chat GPT sometimes tries to give back the incomplete information in full so that we can get the incomplete information back

ChatGPT used for

1 conducting market research :- Chat GPT is used in many schools, industries and systems because it gives information about the use of objects in industries and systems and it provides many ways and methods of doing business. Nowadays Chat GPT is being used by many people, all of them are liking it and ChatGPT has many users across all over the world.

2 producing high quailty content :-   ChatGPT  is being used by many people to write high quality content, many people use it to write scripts in YouTube and somewhere content writers use it to write their website.It is used to create a website and many people use it for website design and high graphic images and many website scripts.ChatGPT is a very good source to write high quality content .

3 Use for coding  :-  ChatGPT is used by many people for coding it is very good coding ChatGPT is very quick coding and its code is very simple so users can understand very quickly and its used by  Cprogramming and JavaScript, Python, C++ and other computer languages, with the help of which coding becomes very quick.Many people are using chatgpt for coding and many businessmen are also using it.

4 Improve learning skill :- ChatGPT is used by many people to improve  their many skills because it works on very simple and straight forward language and the its information understood by very easily. its work very well .Many people are increasing their learning skills from chatGPT. This is a very good platform to development himself and nowadays it is in high demand in the market.

Advantages of ChatGPT

Benefits of ChatGPT :-

➦1:- ChatGPT give answers our questions and it gives us more information when we need it and it gives very fast information we need it .

➦2:- If we some mistakes then ChatGPT  resolve it very easily. while we are working  then he also tries to rectify them. If we have any mistake, he tells us and solves it.

➦3:-ChatGTP works like friends with the users and it properly understands the commands of the users

➦4:-ChatGPT works very thoughtfully. It writes logicially everything with a human mind.

➦5:-ChatGPT understands our words very well and it knows our languages ​​it knows computer  language somewhere and it wants the context of the users to remain with it.

➦6:-ChatGPT Answers customer's query very nicely and quickly He doesn't take much time to customer and he has very good relation with customer.

➦7:-ChatGPT gives better and more accurate answer than any respect platform and it keeps little more data than all platform and gives more information in very less internet .

➦8:-ChatGPT has a very good user experience with user interface and its works very well.

➦9:- ChatGPT Customer service very exellent  and its working for 24 hours for client .

Dis Advantage of ChatGPT

Disavantages :-
➦ ChatGpt sometimes does not give the right kind of information to its user it sometimes gives information which is completely wrong or possible and has many errors
➦ ChatGPT without understanding the secret sometimes gives such answers which are out of question or out of logic and it sometimes makes some mistakes 
ChatGPT is used by everyone for their benefit but it gives such information which is not considered correct everywhere, at some places some mistakes are found in it.
People are taking advantage of this for their benefit so this is a big loss of it

 Can we use ChatGPT without logging in ?

 ➣ never , we can't able to use ChatGPT without login because its neccesary to login chatgpt don't give to her to access without login 

unfortuneately, we can't able to use ChatGPT without login.

Can we use ChatGPT blog

➔ yes we will use to ChatGPT blog but we can use only formats or research .

➔we can't able to copy paste words because ChatGPT give a copyrighted words beacuse all Ai are same and they have find words copyright 

➔ first days your blog rank is very good but next days your blog going down pages beacuse goolgle find your blog is copyrighted and your information in not proper good.

➔ i personally suggest you please dont't write a blog with Ai beacause they give fault information .

➔ you can use ChatGPT only research or general knowledge .


Conclusion :-

ChatGPT is a powerfull Ai tool we can use it for coding and scripted writting and we use ChatGPT  only research blog things i personally use ChatGPT for formats or knowledge gain and i don't use ChatGPT for writting a blog .

FAQs :-

Q 1:- Can we use ChatGPT for free ?
Ans  yes you can use ChatGPT  for free 

Q2 :- Is ChatGPT better than google ?
Ans   yes they are both intelegence they are working AI

Q3 :- How to make money for AI ?
Ans  yes many people freelancing they are use Ai for make money 

Q4 :- Can ChatGPT  be detected ?
Ans yes we can detected ChatGPT with Ai api keys 

Q5 :- Can we write a blog with ChatGPT ?
Ans  no beacause Ai detected ChatGPT words 

Q6 :- how can rank blog ?
Ans Written blog with manually and use SEO setting to rank blog 



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